VSM Remote Control iOS/Android App:
Now you can control
your VSM system
with your Phone!
What you need:

  • An Android or iOS device
  • VSM (Release J) or VSM-TV (Release C) or later.
  • A Wi-Fi router and a local area network to connect your
    smart phone via Wi-Fi to your VSM fencing strip PCs. The
    VSM PCs can be connected with cables or via Wi-Fi (best if
    they are cable connected.) Internet access is not required;
    just a local network to provide the connectivity between your
    phone and the scoring machine.
  • And the app installed on your phone (the VSM Wi-Fi Remote
    App.) Available on Apple App Store or Google Play for only


  • Real-Time bout information repeated on your phone.
    including: Hits, Clock, Scores, Warning Cards, and Names.
  • Vibration Feed Back
  • Complete control over the clock, to 1/100 of a second.
  • Remote control of the VSM system's mouse.
  • Expandable "Go" button
  • Select any strip in your club on your own phone.
the VSM
Control App for
Android and
iOS devices
See the demo using an iPhone 4S
VSM Video Replay Android App:
Video Replay in your Pocket!!
                       on the Google Play Store of $1.99