VSM Remote Control iOS/Android App:
Now you can control
your VSM system
with your Phone!
What you need:

  • An Android or iOS device
  • VSM (Release J) or VSM-TV (Release C) or later.
  • A Wi-Fi router and a local area network to connect your
    smart phone via Wi-Fi to your VSM fencing strip PCs. The
    VSM PCs can be connected with cables or via Wi-Fi (best if
    they are cable connected.) Internet access is not required;
    just a local network to provide the connectivity between your
    phone and the scoring machine.
  • And the app installed on your phone (the VSM Wi-Fi Remote
    App.) Available on Apple App Store or Google Play for only


  • Real-Time bout information repeated on your phone.
    including: Hits, Clock, Scores, Warning Cards, and Names.
  • Vibration Feed Back
  • Complete control over the clock, to 1/100 of a second.
  • Remote control of the VSM system's mouse.
  • Expandable "Go" button
  • Select any strip in your club on your own phone.
the VSM
Control App for
Android and
iOS devices
See the demo using an iPhone 4S
Coming Soon: the VSM Video Replay app
for Android...