Is there a guarantee?

    Yes. The VSM System has a 1-year guarantee, Overhead Reels are
    guananteed for 6 months, and V-Reels are guaranteed for 3 months.
    That's the official guarantee... however, if you have a product that
    needs servicing and you send it to me, I'll fix it and send it back no
    matter what your date of purchase was. Send it to: SISAD, 1398
    Beechwood Dr, CA 92821.

Can you run multiple VSM strips on a single PC?

    No. While it could be possible to do this, having separate displays,
    sound cards, remotes, keyboards, would be complex and expensive.
    It's much easier and cheaper just to use separate PCs. It is also
    perhaps wiser not to have all your eggs in one basket. With the price
    of used PCs and laptops getting so cheap, this just didn't make
    sense to me. I have two machines at my club running on PCs
    purchased from the Goodwill for about $40 each.

Will it run on a Mac?

    Yes and no; only if you can run Windows on your Mac. VSM makes
    heavy use of Windows APIs. I have tested VSM on a MacBook
    running Windows using Boot Camp, Parallels, and VMware Fusion. It
    ran perfectly.

How about Linux?

    Not yet.
What Versions of Windows will VSM run on?

    I have tested VSM extensively under Windows 98SE, Windows XP,
    Vista, and Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. The only version of Windows
    that I have found to be not compatible so far is Windows 2000.

Can I use V-Reels with another type scoring machine?

    Yes, all the connectors are standard, just plug them in and fence.

How can I customize a sound effect?

    You can use any sound as a .wav file. Just copy it into the \Sounds
    folder and it will be selectable.

How and where do you ship?

    We ship world-wide. The shipping prices quoted are for US domestic
    shipping unless otherwise specified. We ship via USPS (that's regular
    US Postal Service) using flat-rate priority mail. They quote one to
    three days for domestic delivery, and six to ten days for International.
    Sometimes inbound Customs can delay that, though. USPS tracking
    information is very limited, however every single shipment sent has
    always made it to it's destination eventually.

What are the version numbers and letters about?

    The VSM "2.0" means that the electrical interface is on it's second
    (and only) revision. It is the only electrical interface that has been
    sold as a commercial product. The "Release G" indicates the most
    resent software version, in the case of "G" that indicates that VSM
    (Standard Version) has been updated six times so far.