Virtual Scoring Machine - Tournament Version!

The idea was simple enough:

Add cool graphics to the display, personalizing it to the bout in progress. And then it got

Add on-screen automatic score keeping... And oh, yeah, you'll need separate modes for all
the common tournament formats: Pools, DEs, Team (Relay) matches... And then add
NCAA team format. And also, Best 2-of-3 five-touch bouts.

And... it be great if it could exchange data directly with Fencing Time, and let you import
and export data over a network... but, you can't
count on having a network... or an
Internet connection, so it also has to have a "stand alone mode".

But if you
do have a network, it'd be awesome if you could have duplicate/repeater
displays on any PC on the network...

Oy. Two Years Later: announcing VSM - Tournament Version!

VSM Tournament Version Features:

Incorporates the fencer's names, images, country codes, flags, and club logo into
the display.
Automatically keeps the score sheet.
Supports Pools of 3 to 16 fencers, DE tableaux of 2 to 16 fencers. Teams of 3 or 4
fencers each. Best 2-of-3 five touch bouts. NCAA team format (Best 5-of-9 with an
option to stop at 5 wins, or fence out all 9 for seeding.) And a dumb-box, just walk up
and fence mode.
Automates a 1-minute "no hit" clock for monitoring "non-combativity."
Incorporates data exchange of pool data with Fencing Time. Fully automatic data
exchange with the new Fencing Time 4.1 Scoring Device Manager.
Includes a free Network Repeater application that turns any network-connected PC
into a remote duplicate score display/repeater. This display (using third party
software) can be re-broadcast live over the Internet. And now, another free repeater
application for remote score sheet display called "Scoreboard".

always a fully functional scoring machine. However, to access the full potential
of the data connectivity features, a valid license key is required. License keys are
inexpensive, and available from the "Products" page.

©The Virtual Scoring Machine.
This is a screen shot from one of the included demo files showing the pool score sheet.
This is a network-connected repeater display.
Four separate instances of the network repeater application each showing a different
connected VSMTV strip, and all running on a single computer at the same time.